Short holiday in Viareggio


Thanks to Olive a Cena we spent a nice weekend in Viareggio some weeks ago.

I say I was amazed… I thought to find an almost desert see place with quiet and peaceful atmosphere but I find avenues full of shops open until late evening, bar with buffet set up for aperitif and (despite no stop rain on Saturday evening) many people walking.

Near the sea, all along main street...

Imagine on summer…

Forget fantasies, our objective was different, know Olive a Cena Restaurant and its owners Daniele and Carlos.

Immediately these two young business men communicate us their energy and passion, certain to develop an idea, their own idea.

Daniele Oliva

Carlos Arocena

Thanks to prevoius experiences, even international, they create “Olive a Cena” which derives from: Daniele Oliva (OLIVE) and Carlos Arocena (A CENA).


A warm, friendly, family atmosphere and at once you‘re comfortable, all considering details,  tidy and modern.

At the entrance a “bottle” wall meets your eye, minimal but snappy, order and design mixed together, I had never seen anything like it.


Open view kitchen is surely main feature of this Restaurant where Chef Pietro Vairo, who we’ve known, and Chef Angelo Lombardo do their creations.

Organization and coordination are “must” of management, with professionalism and ability they did a perfect dinner service: not too fast, not too slow, exact.

We’ve chosen a tasting 5 course menù, let the chef free to propose his specialties, right decision because our dinner was excellent and absolutely far from standard.

Are you curious to know what we  ate?

I’ll tell you in next post, dedicated to menù and food presentation.

For the moment there’s the last view of a sunny after-rain Viareggio on a winter Sunday.


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