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The later test proposed by The Insiders was particularly pleased… 🙂 Here comes hot and sunny days with higher desire for something good and here comes Sodastream Source.

Sodastream Source

This one was designed by Yves Béhar, winner of Red Dot Design Award and in particular red version.

Each tester has the opportunity to hold the carbonator even after the campaign with a reduced contribute of € 59.00 (we have to pay it initially to guarantee the product). If you decide not to keep it, just return it according to the directions without paying anything.

But look at benefits of Sodastream Source:

  1. allows to have available carbonated water and soft drinks at any time
  2. allows for a customized carbonation because it has a light indicator with three levels of bubbles”
  3. have a wide choice of capsules and syrups to make drinks
  4. PET bottles are easy to use
  5. carbonator is very nice and almost as a design furniture for the kitchen
  6. is eco-friendly because you use less plastic bottles and tap water that is immediately accessible to anyone
  7. avoid the stress to carry heavy packages of water

Despite initial troubles, final review is positive because is certainly innovative and useful.

Soda Caps

But like anything also has disadvantages.

Here are our problems:

  1. each CO2 pipe makes the carbonation of about 80 liters of water, after which it must be replaced or recharged (at authorized service centers) and the cost is approximately € 15,00 to € 26,00/30,00 depending on the choice
  2. syrups and capsules are very different, but the cost in both cases is too much high because it starts from 6,00/7,00 for each syrup and arrive at 9,00/10,00 for sodacaps
  3. some syrups (orange and cola) contain coloring and so it’s very difficult to clean PET bottle after use
  4. have always sparkling water and soft drinks at home is not exactly healthy but this is not a true “disadvantage” :) 🙂 🙂

So… lovers of bubbles have a good fun!! Will be a fizzy summer !

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