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I was very interested in this test: Dash Pods Ecodosi 3 in 1 for Club dei Desideri. A very useful and innovative product that I couldn’t wait to try.

After nomination and confirmation in the project was shipped the kit which included:

–        1 package of Ecodosi Dash Pods 3 in 1

–        30 single-dose samples for distribution

–        1 project manual

–        1 block notes of questionnaires for the survey

My opinion on the project was immediately positive, sampling for distribution had been made with care and attention and in each box there was a dose of detergent and a mini-flyer explaining the features.

dash2After using it on several heads I can confirm that it is good and avoids unnecessary waste, also being eco-friendly.

Personally I found it great for management of delayed wash programs because with starting even after 2-3 hours haven’t any problem instead of liquid or powder detergents which remain in the soap dish.

The only disadvantage I find is the price, not cheap, but equally acceptable.

I believe that in some time with a greater spread will definitely become interesting!

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