Stefano Bemer one of the top seven global brands of “tailor-made”men’s shoes.

For a couple of years after his early death, this brand was taken over by Thomas Melani, of Leather School of Florence, that has kept the essence strengthening image and prestige.

Bemer-shoesStarting in 1983 in his native Greve in Chianti as cobbler, Stefano Bemer learned to fix damaged shoes and build new ones and working with old Florentine artisans and so were three decades overtime.

In San Frediano, famous neighborhood for Vasco Pratolini’s novels, he began as shoemaker to become a custom-made shoes designer , which manufactured by hand assisted by three Japanese talented assistants. In Tuscan opened three studios that became a reference point for international celebrities such as actor Andy Garcia, singer Julio Iglesias, architect Paul Tange and designer Ikko Tanaka.

Workshop-school of San Frediano Workshop-school of San Frediano also have an exceptional student, actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who attended him for almost a year, in 2009, for an unusual internship just to escape the notoriety. bemer-model

His reputation is now an unquestioned thing as his ability to make a pair of shoes a little work of art, an object of cult.

Unique also hides used for processing shoes, beginning with the most known and used as French calves or English suede, Stefano Bemer also likes to use unusual materials, with exotic names and where yield after processing makes each pair of shoes unique. So shark, hippopotamus, elephant, ostrich, best known crocodile, kudu camel race, frog, perch and even tripe are possible choice.

Since 2012, after his death, Leather School and Thomas Melani, in 1439 move to an old church, in San Nicholas’ district, in San Niccolò Street 2 in Florence, creating new “Shop” of Stefano Bemer.

TOMMASO-MELANI Tommaso Melani doesn’t change a tailor-made product, custom-built on customer foot; on the other hand, he creates a ready-to-wear line, modeled on 7 ideals feet, 5 designed by Stefano Bemer and 2 by himself on the basis of a stylistic volume of a more modern foot. The idea is to advance the quality and identity that characterize Stefano Bemer’s style that is among the top seven brands in the world for custom shoes.

Thomas Melani, faithful to the past with modern perspectives organized at last Pitti Man Image, the first world symposium of tailor-made shoemakers:

I organized a meeting with top 10 brands in the world, with prospects of development of footwear for men, tailor-made. Is the first time in history that a “cobbler” like me invites so important brand to get together and compare notes on techniques and visions, to understand how to strengthen the identity of the product in general, be able to communicate value, quality, excellence … focus isn’t sell shoes under its own brand, but strengthen category to which those products.

My idea is to create, not only in Italy, micro-atelier “Stefano Bemer” in which work a craftsman, of our school, formed by our master, expert on working method and Bemer’s tradition; therefore able to transfer to the customer product value, quality and uniqueness: a luxury not defined by price, but by the availability of products … DSC00467_opt 

I accepted with pleasure invitation of Egger Cris and Alex Djordjevic so Stefano Bemer Brand was present at “24 Hours of Elegance” in September in Belgrade, a sign of hope and a way to forget the war years with style and elegance of our “handmade” Made in Italy “.

Stefano Bemer, 1964-2012

A shoe is an object that, if good quality, helps us to walk and live more comfortably. When you realize a shoe, with high quality materials and excellent workmanship, it turns into a product that we like complitely different from the inevitable globalization of brands and products of industrial production


Press: Cristina Vannuzzi

Stefano Bemer srl – Via di S. Niccolò, 2 – 50125 Firenze, Italia


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