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Unity is strength … and for “Spesa Zero” is precisely the case! The original idea of three guys to offer a useful service such as home shopping, but in innovative way.

In Padova are the first ever to think about it and realize the ambitious project which after a huge bureaucracy to follow and meticulous organization is on-line by December 2013.

Each one follows a specific aspect in the chain of work, after the order to the delivery. Also the website with a little retro flavor was made entirely from them.

In recent months have been a great success and achieved good results, gradually increasing membership to the service.


The desire to do something together was born a long time back as a result of limited possibilities that world of work offers at the end of academic career. Through help of skilled consultants and with access to funds for young worker, these guys have materialized their project.

  “Spesa Zero” offers many services and allows the customer to choose from a wide range of products from the most popular brands to local products km0, satisfying all. In particular, the possibility to buy fresh products such as fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy is a big news.

You choose the items, the time slot in which you prefer to receive them and you’re done! Just wait for delivery comfortably at home.

If you don’t normally buy on-line or aren’t usual with credit cards there’s a new portable pos using the ATM as in supermarket.

So there’s no reasons for waiting to try their services … so I’ll too make my first shopping and tell you my experience.

Here is a map of the areas currently covered by the service, so go on  www.spesazero.it and have a good shopping!

-Pictures by Spesa Zero of DNC Solutions s.n.c.-

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