Only the dreamer can fly

Only the dreamer can fly , Peter Pan told to Wendy.

To introduce myself to you Qriosi follower, who have chosen not to give in to the lure of laziness, preferring the discovery, i decided to tell you about a dream.

Because is there a dream you need a dreamer and who better than a child can not stop dreaming even when awake ?

I am the mother of an earthquake child that is close to two years and begins to require its own space that is well organized. Please note i didn’t say ordered, i don’t think there is still a trick to not step on legos scattered throughout the house.

At this age no longer enough a couple of containers, where plastic toys will be promptly forgotten, and some stuffed animals that gathering dust on the top shelf, you have to create a stimulating environment that helps our child to discover himself through play and imagination.

Because the fantasy is that magical feeling who can bring us back to childhood, the game to build something, the game of inventing something.

The basis of the experience comes from the memories of the games we did as children and those who remember with more freshness are the ones where we have invented, where we soiled with mud, where we felt brave; not the ones where we just pressed down buttons that produce loud noises.

Tree houses, bicycle paths, those knees burning, freedom and wonder to grow and discover.

I chose to tell the projects of Marjan Godrie distribuited in Netherland by Kids Factory.


Home accessories inspired by the princesses of fairy tales or stories of pirates. Materials safe and respectful for the environment that we will leave tomorrow for our son, but also of high quality, designed to last and to survive all the games that your child will be able to invent.

Children’s rooms that tell a story, freeing children to decide the final, becoming a fantastic set is always ready for a new adventure.

And you? Are you ready for the next adventure?

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