Kiko Rady to go nail laquer



9 Praticità / Easy to use
8 Prezzo / Price
9 Qualità prodotto / Product quality
8 Scelta di colori / Colours choice
9 Durata / Long-lasting

Kiko has exceeded my suspicion giving me a practical solution to all “polish” problem.

My nails fortunately are naturally healthy and strong but, like all women, I would have beautiful hands so sometimes I used gel or semi-permanent polish.

After several disappointing and disastrous experiences I decided to use these methods only for special occasions and less than 3 times a year to not ruin my nails… as long as I’m not persuaded and bought sticker polish Ready-To-Go by Kiko.

I was very skeptical, because I didn’t believe in its long-lasting effect once positioned.

Wrong idea luckily 🙂

Time for application, just manicured, is up to 10 minutes and is extremely easy. This product is composed by a base, polish and top coat, with a very shiny effect.

Ready-to-Go Art Coat Patch Nail Lacquer 300

It’s particular because is really polish not an adhesive so once you open the pack it dries fast in contact with air and doesn’t come off or move.

A really nice result is thanks even to the different patterns to choose from, suitable for any occasion.

Other bonus is the duration… beyond expectation!

A normal polish after 2/3 days already get ruined and after 5/6 was absolutely horrible, while this lasted 15 days with some small sign. In Ready-to-Go Art Coat Patch Nail Lacquer 302 LACE COVER  version lasted for 3 weeks using it without colored base on nail.

Ready-to-Go Art Coat Patch Nail Lacquer 302And here’s my hand


and I can feel more than satisfied 🙂

What do you think? You have already tried them?

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