Celebrate Valentine’s Day, celebrate Love.

We’re almost there, Cupid is preparing arrows and bow is ready to pop hot darts of love.

And you?

I agree, Valentine’s Day is a trivial celebration, a real business, you have to love every day and so… ando so... But I also know that on Saturday you’ll buy however a gift to your partner. Maybe a tiny little thing, a bracelet jewelery, a lipstick, a tie (maybe silver to stay in theme with the Fifty Shades of Grey” movie release).

But… tell me that yuo’ll buy at least four Ferrero Rocher at the supermarket.

It will also be the traders, florists and caterers party but instill what’s wrong to believe for a single day that the cards of Baci Perugina are right?

If you agree with me but you’ re missing an idea below is a small list of unusual gifts to do yourself (if you are singles) or to your partner.

  1. To celebrate the most romantic evening, but also spicy, of the year I cannot advise you two tickets to the most anticipated movie of the year: Fifty shades of gray. It may be the right prelude to an evening to remember.
  2. If you are all singles womans why not treat yourself to a nice dinner at home? Do not expect your typical dinner where poor Cinderella was closed in the kitchen, I mean a banquet prepared by a chef at home. An excellent opportunity to enjoy the haute cuisine in the comfort of your own home. Isn’t it sexy to see a man cooking? If you like this idea you could visit Lo Gnocco in cucina where fun and genuine products are the core of the brand’s philosophy.
  3. If you want break the mold and you want to surprise your partner by adding a bit of passion this Valentine’s Day why not try a lesson of Argentine TangoTango in Milan, a site notice-board of all events on the topic. From courses to aperitango there’s something for everyone.
  4. Cook something with their own hands to your partner is always demonstration of love, then if an ingredient is chocolate the result is guaranteed. Try these chocolate truffles, delicious and also suitable for less experienced cooks.
  5. To give a bit of relax you could choose a Hammam, in Milan Hammam Rose offers routes with customizable body massages or facial treatment or a drink by candlelight with massage, aromatherapy and henna tattoos.
  6. If the receiver is a fashion addicted yu have to choose the new Rouge Louboutin nail polish, the master of the high heel meets the world of beauty and presents a nail polish series inspired by hes iconic red.
  7. Technology always makes tmen’s heads spin you know, then why not focus on an innovative smartphone case? Sparkbeats is perfect, guaranteed protection and custom lighting to every call direct to your love.
  8. The scent is always a great gift, but if it was unique? Thanks to Olfattorio, the bar à parfums, you can choose a fragrance customized to your partner. If you want to try to create it yourself you can rely on profumo.it, which thanks to the perfumer Kit will allow you to mix the essences until you get your own personal eau de toilette.

Now I’ve only to say to have a good Valentine’s Day full of affection and keep with you the great happiness of giving love to donate a piece to those you love every day.

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Francesca, mamma e interior designer milanese. Qriosa per natura e blogger su scusatesonounagemelli.com, un blog di Lifestyle, un pò diario ed un pò agenda.



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