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Some time ago I was contacted to test a beauty collagen supplement: PURE COLLAGEN GOLD.

Unfortunately because of healths problems I cant’t test it before today even if I recieved it 3/4 months ago… but now I can finally start.

For honesty I confirm that for each product or service I test I don’t recieved any fee, as you well know,  is only  my personal opinion share with you,  positive or negative.

Now we can start this test… #collagen #day1

I will let you know how it proceed via social and then at the end I’ll gather all my impressions in a second post, but first I summarize all features of this product.

PURE COLLAGEN GOLD is a liquid food supplement based on:

  • Hydrolysen Collagen – a natural component of the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid – basic to keep your skin hydrated
  • Vitamin C – contributes to normal collagen formation and the normal function of the skin
  • Borage oilimportant ingredient to help keep your skin hydrated and smooth
  • Biotin – contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
  • Vitamin E – contributes to the protection of cell constituents from oxidative damage
  • Copper – contributes to normal skin and hair pigmentation
  • Zinc – contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
  • Bioperine®increases bioavailability of other active ingredients
  • Vitamin B6 – contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and reduce of tiredness and fatigue
  • N-acetylglucosamine – contributes to normal formation of hyaluronic acid

There are some studies about, as seen below in support of the benefits.


Yes, are too many things… I don’t know I can really verify all features, but I will try to be careful and understand what can be effective.

At the end will be PURE COLLAGEN GOLD

yes or not?

Find out with me 🙂

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