Pinktrotters box


Did you happen to find something on web and to be immediately addicted to?

Well, it happened to me when I discovered (too late) Pinktrottersand it was love at first sight.

A virtual place dedicated to women, for women, where we talk about travel, fashion and events in an engaging and innovative way.

Many Pinktrotters have already met each other and traveled together, knowing and sharing experiences, something more valuable than just a web-friendship.

You know… women have many passionsso Pinktrotters created a monthly Box  for its “friends” which contains products connected with Travel, Food, Beauty, Sport, Fashion and Tech.

I joined immediately and I bought a 3 month subscription to try the service, even if I loved soon the idea to receive box not only with beauty products.

Now this is my April PTBox with Health & Beauty products (unfortunately I lost March Travel box  🙁 ).


Packaging is very nice and attractive.

The box contains:

Shower Gel and Fluid Emulsion for body by Terme di Comano

2 small bottles of Pure Gold Collagene

1 perfume by Ylenia Mangano Milano

1 sample of Vichy Lifactiv Serum 10

1 sample Skin 4P  Anti-Aging Treatment

I haven’t try them all, but those tested are really high quality and certainly good price, I paid € 14.90 for this box.

A special congratulation to Pinktrotters Customer Service for careful assistance from registration to sales always focus on customer.

Moreover, Pinktrotters donates € 1 each purchased box to FREE WOMAN NPO, which actually helps exploited people and promote healths protection and rights information for foreign persons.


I’m excited to see box Sport Box of May, I hope it will come soon 🙂

And You? What are you waiting to become glamorous Pinktrotters as us?

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Sempre alla ricerca di nuove ispirazioni, ho coniugato la mia passione per il web e la mia innata curiosità ed ecco Qriosando... la mia piccola finestra sul mondo.



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