Pinktrotters Box May


A little late (sorry 🙂 ) I show you Sport Pinktrotters Box of May .

An interesting little box full of curious products related to body care and physical activity, literally “for all“, that I’ ve tried with my husband.

For those who doesn’t know it, PTBox is a Pinktrotters idea, events and travel network, for all trendy women who love Box and look for something original different from only beauty and make up products.

With a monthly theme or in limited edition,  box content is always unique and various, last month for example was Health & Beauty theme.

Let’s see now Sport PTBox items.


5 bags of Pukka by Inner Life brews really delicious


2 Pink Fit Bar hazelnut cream flavour and lemon cake flavour with a brochure


Ambrosiae snack 100% biologic cocoa/hemp flavour and mulberry/vanilla flavour with a depliant to explain main features of this product and high quality of ingredients


1 shoe bag  and 1 fitness card McFIT for two free workouts


1 water bottle Pro Action


1 slimming anti-cellulite pants CosmeticWear


and finally a 10% discount for shopping on Adalù.it, website specializing in handmade surf clothing and costumes .

Also for this month Pinktrotters donates 1 € each Box to Free Woman Onlus Association, a little thing that sometimes can make the difference.


As soon as possible I’m going to publish also June Fashion Box… so I remedy for delay 🙂

… and now I’m happy to say you that, after firt try, I decided to renew my subscription and convert in into annual insted of quarterly because I don’t want to miss any!!!

And You? What are you waiting for??

P.S. (for information only I want to say that I have NEVER recieved free boxes and my posts  AREN’T sponsored, they are only the result of my appreciation of content and products quality)

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