Christmas in Tavarnuzze

Vetrina Linea Vite

A tour of taste of ancient, of fragrances, but also joy, lavender clouds, yellow saffron touches, green meadows, olive trees, vineyards: it’s an invitation to get lost in magical enchanted world countries around Florence, Tavarnuzze, Impruneta, Greve in Chianti … for those who appreciate the old ways of campaign, country parties, colors, origins of our culture, crafts. natale-tavarnuzze

Villages and farms, country houses and castles in Chianti, between Florence and Siena, in this fascinating area, made of ancient crafts that pass from father to son, our loved Made in Italy.

Vetrine-tavarnuzze2Here we call them craftsmen, here we aren’t talking about relocate production, maybe it’s a belonging sign to a land and its history, perhaps it’s identity pride, you see this really at Christmas, where it’s a celebration for everyone, young and old.

Here we haven’t problem for crucifix and find Nativity of Furnace Mariani Mital exposed, we go out with horses and buggy, where women show themselves in all their beauty; here you do Cassette, delicacies, ancient flavors for today’s children.

Then there are artisans, masters of art, as Simone Mencherini, that this Christmas creates a unique moment of art, high jewelery…  Vetrine-tavarnuzzeMencherini tells a story, fairies and elves in his laboratory, a portrait of a very beautyful woman, adorned with live made jewels, Line Vine, created by Elisabetta Rogai.

An art story, of two craftsmen, goldsmith Simone Mencherini and artist Rogai Elizabeth, born in Palio of the Assumption days and continued with creation of Vine Line, a “country tale ” with serenity, memories of old villages, of a simple life of routine, living day by day, always the same, endless…

Press: Cristina Vannuzzi –

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