Max Factor & Oil of Olaz


Valutazioni / Rating

8 Qualità / Qualities
8 Facilità d'uso / Easy to use
7 Efficacia / Results
7 Durata / Duration
7 Prezzo / Price

This test was surely one of my favorites: two products really good.

I’m talking about Max Factor Skin Luminizer and Oil of Olaz Total Effects Day Cream.

Individually they are already good but with a combined use, the result is very satisfying.

To join this project, with Desideri Magazine, I received:

  • 1 Olaz Total Effects Day Cream (50 ml)
  • 1 Max Factor Skin Luminizer (30 ml) Golden hues
  • Project manual

and to distribute:

  • 30 discount coupons of 5 € for the purchase of Olay Total Effects Day Cream
  • 30 samples of Max Factor Skin Luminizer (2 ml)
  • Questionnaires for market research interviewing friends and acquaintances

“Beauty” theme is always very attractive but now the interest in this project was very much: just opening the package my colleagues wanted to have samples and discount coupons to bring to their wives / companions.

Know best these products …


Olaz Total Effects Day Cream is a product with 7 anti-aging benefits, moisturizing and brightening the skin making it more uniform. Its practical container with a dispenser allows you to use the right amount without waste and is also very easy to take with you.

Max Factor Skin Luminizerhowever, is the foundation for a natural complexion, evening skin tone and giving a light cover but without weighing the flawless face and unsightly patches of color … I would say a perfect mix between a corrector and a foundation with a very natural result.

The only problem I find, but not a fault, is on foundation: just dab seems to be too orange but after few seconds (when it dries) this effect wears off leaving an highly natural color.

And what do you think? Try them with us…

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