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Picasso, you know, it was a great artist but also wise in his lucid madness, and Martina Tittonel remember me his beautiful words, which he often said …

There are painters who paint the sun as a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.

This artist from Treviso has “stolen” to her homeland, Veneto, autumn colors, sweetness of spring, green fields full of flowers: then, can a plot give an imprint to a artist?

When it’s such creative and lets territory to express itself, all charm, history, cultural secrets can give a tone, an appeal, a connotation. It’s from nature around, where she was born and lived, that Martina Tittonel, professional artist and designer, absorbed an intense relationship between man and nature, always between expectations and meetings, signs of belonging, memories that come from far away and, thanks to his profession, back light, inserted in his creations, natural and spontaneous.

Cold, lunar, icy, but also alive and sensitive, warm, charming, hand warms and tempera, with eyes cradle and is exalted but in hand comes alive and lives … is Silver of Queen precious clutch, realized by 100% Italian brand –  MCreations of Martina Tittonel.

clutch-mncCoffer-bag from Arabian Nights, an accessory to make us feel princesses for a night. These jewelry so unique, create on the polished surface mirror in pure silver 925, a game of astral reflexes, shining and vibrating with its own light personality of the wearer.

Bright and modern, the entire collection consists of geometric lines with decorations engraved and glazed cold depicting some iconographic elements typical of MCreations brand: half moon is stylized and represents, for Tittonel, mother earth, whose shape evokes abstract art and dream world instead heart, fiery red, means flame of eternal love.

The colors vary from yellow sunshine, electric blue, to white light.

Round Clutch can be made of pure silver or brass lacquered silver, perfect to wear night and day. This particular model is inspired by a woman with lively personality with a touch of romance. The light, thanks to the convex shape, is unique and attracts the attention of all around, giving a bright allure to the entire silhouette.modella-con-clutch-tonda

Rectangular clutch is even more exclusive, mosaic tiles applied to give a more contemporary mood, a work of art made on a “canvas in 925” ready to celebrate the brilliance pungent plot Galla Placida – Middle East Collection. To complete the outfit, this clutch is designed to be combined with its coordinated jewelry line.

Oval Clutch is luxury pinnacle, the top of the Queen Clutch collection and the creative process MnC. Made of pure silver 925 it has an exclusive elegant design: an ovoid and elliptical shape, fine, magnetic, contemporary. The “Queen of the Clutch” is different from others because it combines design and a high aesthetic function for easy opening. This oval clutch also features a decorated version with a white enamel snake that shows a red forked tongue-fire. The snake image , logo MnC, means extreme luxury of the entire collection: an implosion of empathic passion, temptation and seduction, an achievement reached by the fluidity of luxury harmonic design ovoid in stark contrast to the boxy shape and stylized, the decoration – logo.

Love and Psyche are combined to generate the absolute beauty.

Rectangular clutch in the larger version is UNISEX. This type of clutch is designed to satisfy all wearer, to be always on top, throughout the day. It forms a large, square ornamental motif that highlights a band covered with snakeskin and black two tiles on the closure in the same color scheme. In men’s version, this clutch is also available with a leather strap that completes the accessory in a practical and functional.

cover per clutch in persianoCover Queen Clutch is a practical complement to coat and change look to the clutch. Flat model can be made of mink fur with suede inside, opossum, rabbit hair, and in the summer version in finest leather adorned with geometric patterns. The more in line model with hidden hinge suitable for all seasons and for every occasion. Internal coating is thin, tucked in cotton wool and skin, in addition, the clutch may be provided with two hooks internal removable cord or handle, foldable inside it to use by hand. All versions can be decorated with tiles Middle East, glazed in different colors or engraved. Harmony of the forms, innovative design, decorative motifs, make these contemporary clutch as exclusive coffers, ready to hatch, opening with a simple click, an explosion of sensations to all women: from a cosmopolitan world in which to be glam is essential to a more spiritual and romantic life.


Qatar Collection


Geometric, colorful, Qatar Line models with lightweight and rounded. Plot is always the MnC Tesserae that in this collection softens the edges and, sliding down slopes or polychrome stands in elegance in shades of all white or all black.

MnCreations 20

Slave, modular round bracelets, earrings and pendants; these are the protagonists of the Collection Qatar.

Silver or galvanized metal decorated through the technique of enameling cold.

                INFO BRAND MnC – MCreations


Shooting Credits Be House

Accessories MnC – MCreations

Couture Nino Lettieri

Photographer: Shounak Amonkar e Caterina Gualtieri

Models: Ioana Benko, Ksenia Schneider

Hair and Makeup: Veronica Petukhov e Teresa Costanzo

Stylist: Pranay Jaitly

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Nata a Firenze, vive a Firenze e New York, é esperta in comunicazione, ufficio stampa e merchandising. Già capo ufficio stampa per REL, la finanziaria per l'informatizzazione della PA sotto Enea e Ministero del Lavoro, già associata FERPI e all’Associazione Donne del Vino, ha svolto numerosi incarichi tra cui responsabile merchandising per Lamborghini Automobili per il principe Hutamo Mandala Putra Suharto, merchandising per Giubileo 2000, e capo ufficio stampa per Ordine Toscano Consulenti del Lavoro. Organizzatrice e creativa per eventi, Ufficio stampa Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato e Mostra Internazionale del Caravan, Sponsorizzazioni e allestimento per Mostra Internazionale dell’Antiquariato, Ufficio stampa Twiga Beach Club, locale in Versilia di Flavio Briatore. Attualmente ricopre gli incarichi di responsabile stampa per alcune attività ristorative toscane. Collabora con Studio Legale USA per internazionalizzazione della P/M impresa italiana verso USA, Cina e Brasile. Collabora come autore in vari settori per testate web e cartaceo.

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