For those born on islands is “island pain ” but for Corrado Fasolato was real nostalgia, so he’s back home.

Chef Fasolato has regained its silence, white peaks, fresh air but mainly he found his home, and origins, a dream that seemed impossible but it became real.

After 25 years of working faraway and receiving three forks of Gambero Rosso and two Michelin stars have re-started from the beginning, but at home!

The dream world of Corrado Fasolato is Spinechile Resort and to get there you have to climb the hills surrounding the town of Schio, in Vicenza province: a hairpin after another, you are into the woods and come in Contrà Pacchè, you can see the dream come true.

So, can a land give an imprint to a kitchen?

When the chef is creative and let the territory to express themselves, all the charm, history, stories more distant, the cultural secrets of that land can express themselves and give an appeal, a connotation.  It’s just the nature aroud, where he was born and lived, that chef Fasolato absorbed an intense relationship between man and nature, always hovering between expectations and meetings, signs of belonging, memories that come from far and thank to his work back clear … natural and spontaneous. Allergic to the media he realized superb craftsmanship… He pay attention to research products, innovation, desire to impress but his land and Veneto remain in the background. So in a few years Fasolato brought his kitchen at highest levels of quality with a new technique which is deeply combined with quality and territory.

Although very young, Fasolato is considered one of the best Italian chefs.

His mark is evident in the main courses, which are affected by a trip around the mountains but also the lands of men, stories of families and work of generations. Mountains, guardians of extraordinary beauty and great traditions related to land, but also to food; in fact it’s impossible think about Veneto, and Vicenza, without associating gastronomy. Spinechile

Through hit plates he tell us meadows in spring, infinite shades of red, orange, yellows, ocher, purple … and then the snow crystals, perfect white, where you can write stories, the scents of the trees, the air crisp, clear, suggestions, references to his land.

We meet him for the first time at an amazing show cooking lesson, during the second edition of the “Slurp Expo 2015” fair in Schio organized by the Venetian Magnacook. He’s in Shed Area of ​​restored Lanificio Conte and talks about his fascinating journey into the culture of food territory of its origins.

Veneto is the most touristic region of Italy and for a big part of guests (33%) the magnet is food that enhance the unique characteristics of traditional products of the territory.
My dream was to create a place, a group made up of many things: hospitality, silence, landscape, meadows and snow, paths and trees, and food products grown by me, raising the role of the “restaurant” as a channel promotion and enhancement of the food culture of local area… local and quality products and services.
In this dream of snow-covered meadows I’m not alone, I created a “team”, my wife and children, involved in cultivating and raise all that is then brought to the table: my fields and hills, paths in the woods, birds singing, sunrises and sunsets … this is my world and I bring it on the table!
Mine was a challenge after years of city chaos, noise and pollution, haste,appointments. I wanted to realize my project, innovative: learn about the great food and wine Venetian culture also found in small towns, on top of a hill, in mountains, in snow. Combine quality and history of products, with the pleasure of food and the knowledge of the territory, so “live territory “in all its forms.
And for me reality is my home, my magic land, where I spent my childhood. Places that I’ve always kept in my heart… the hills just above Schio, surrounded by uncontaminated nature, silence… places suspended in time… and here I find my time.
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