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Lifeline Humanitarian Organization was the star at charity event in New York, at Siro Maccioni’s restaurant “Le Cirque”, with Royal Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine of Serbia. The fundraiser was for medical pediatric teams of Serbian hospitals.


Princess Katherine founded Lifeline Humanitarian Organization in 2001, the nostalgia for her country is strong and when she returned to Belgrade was natural to expand their humanitarian activities so, in early August 2001 was born the Foundation of HRH Princess Katherine because as she said

There are limits to human suffering because race and ethnicity aren’t important. With Foundation we expanded activities to cultural institutions, schools and universities including scholarships and also try to improve communication between students and experts from foreign countries.

Other important activities are raising money for medical equipment that we deliver to several hospitals. And then we try to offer useful things to the children, in addition to gifts: thousands of children from orphanages across the country are guests at Royal Palace every Christmas and Easter to make them feel less alone in these days when you normally stay with family all over the world around a Christmas tree.

For many years Lifeline provides items such as ultrasound neonatal machines, mobile mammography units, radiology training for medical, electric beds for intensive care units, devices for children with hearing and computers for orphans. In Serbia there’s a desperate need for medical supplies and equipment, unfortunately, this Country is facing a big crisis in health sector, Serbia in Europe has one of the highest rates of breast cancer.

Princess, tireless in her charity project, during LIFELINE event at Le Cirque restaurant involved all friends living in New York as HRH Prince Dimitri, Ivana Trump, Mona Al Nasser, Former Governor of New York David Paterson and Sharon Bush.

Vice President New York’s Lifeline Cheri Kaufman presented The Dobbs 16, a choir from the School of master singers from Westchester, as well as Susan Gutfreund, David Hryck, Audrey Gruss, Janna Bullock, Jean Shafiroff, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Kamie Lightburn, Elisabeth Thieriot, Marina Pellecchi, Elizabeth Kabler, Marina Pellecchi, and Betty Roumeliotis.

In addition to friends are high business personalities and major sponsors among which we highlight great craftsmen of Made in Italy, as footwear of Rene Caovilla, fantastic jewels of Carlo Eleuteri, talent of Florentine Stefano Bemer men’s shoes, Mantero silk factories with thousands of colors, in addition to coats of Sciamat for an exclusive dinner bathed by Tuscany wines from Fassati demonstrating that this event, organized by Alexander Djordjevic and Christine Egger by now every year, is a demonstration that glamour world, food and haute cuisine, fashion and elegance are generously dedicated to solidarity and charity.


Press: Cristina Vannuzzi

Organitation by Cris Egger & Aleksander Djordjevic


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