Photo-project by Ricky Monti


Ricky Monti was born in Como in 1986. He has had a passion for photography as a child using an old camera of his father.

Then in 2005 his passion becomes his profession … and since that moment Ricky Monti is traveling the world to capture moments …


I think I used the first camera in adolescence thanks to my father passion and with his Olympus have made the first experiments.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to buy me my first camera with which I took into extreme sports world. Monti

Since 2005, when it became my profession, I had the opportunity to collaborate with international brands and travel between Europe, USA, Africa and Japan, allowing me see different realities and cultures.  However, I approached even to the world of music, design and in particular reports through continuous personal research in photography.


Very difficult if not impossible to choose a journey, an adventure or an athlete that I was more involved because every situation has had its own particular meaning.

Usually I try to create an hypothetical shot and then realize it even at the same time there wasn’t the time to do it but the result surprised me anyway. Often don’t follow the rules you get the best results.


From June 7th to 14th, I will in Cernobbio on Como Lake.

The exhibition, entitled “The embrace from Kenya”, show the photo report I made in Kenya, in the area around Nairobi, on April 2015 during the “Africa Yoga Project”, a non-profit organization Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

“Africa Yoga Project” is a project founded in 2007 by Paige Elenson of NY and yoga teacher, who decided to leave their jobs and their cities to move to Nairobi to begin a new life once the teaching of Yoga.Africa Yoga Project

I captured moments of their daily life, with teachers, members of their families and their friends.

Every picture tells progress of people through values ​​of Yoga…

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