Runkeeper Global 5k Challenge results


We told you about Runkeeper Global 5k challenge in “Globale race with Runkeeper” post.

Exaclty 101.561 runners from all over the world joined this event and from collected data we can see many interesting things…

We try to resume them with this infographic:

Infografica-RunkeeperAs you can see in addition to places and fastest runners information were also collected data about total burned heat, global time running, differences between male and female up to technologies used to connect with Runkeeper app.

Many utilities to know better the target and so develop perfect solutions for customer satisfactioon .

Top 10 fastest runners were:

  1. Australia – 15:27
  2. Brazil – 16:06
  3. Germany – 16:17
  4. Ukraine – 16:31
  5. USa – 16:51
  6. Usa – 17:00
  7. Philippines – 17:02
  8. Brazil – 17:13
  9. Usa – 17:18
  10. Uk 17:22

Unfortunately no italien in top 10…

Curiously the most active Nation was Sweden and then Netherlands and Belgium.

Italy is in 11st position, maybe we’re a bit too lazy? Yes…

This event was very interesting and with many reflexion themes, can be a second edition thanks to success and a questa Global 5k e magari riusciremo a classificarci meglio.

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