Home Decor: choose fabrics for home


Planning interioryou have to consider fundamental elements such as space distribution and choice of materials. These are very important for environments usability and for aesthetic results .

But alone are not enough

Home reflects us, belongs to us. It enhances our soul nuances and gives us many different feelings.

Decor plays a key role in this space. It is THE home personality and, as we do when we choose a dress, we have to  use our personality to “dress” it.

Choose fabrics is always a critical moment. Market offer us many types: track, packet, roller, panel and blinds. Before choosing one we have to consider the environment:

Ceilings height, natural light, style


Marquisette Fabrics, Designers Guild
  • Ceilings height is important: for example, if we have a standard height we have to think that a heavy, colored or with valance curtain will give a dunk perception of vertical wall. Making it appear even lower.
  • Natural light helps in curtain material selection: more light we need less will be curtain thickness. Watch filtered sunlight during the day will help us to buy a correct fabrics weight.
  • Finally, style must be consistent with space around. If we choose minimal decor an eccentric curtain will be out of place conversely a neutral it will be perfect.

Be carefull also to patterns, these shall be well calibrated to avoid redundant decorative effect.

To help and inspire you, Qriosando team propose Tricia Guild solutions

A London-based textile designer who creates domestic scenarios that show atmospheres, evoking emotions and ways of living. Textiles and coatings, heart of Designers Guild, a company of all about home lifestyle.


                      Zaragoza Fabrics, Designers Guild

Zaragoza Fabrics is a precoius velvets catalog almost as a luxury past. A dip in the color and all its harmonies and contrasts. In this photo have been used different shades of blue in a neutral environment: a grayish and little saturated base  – sofa – with intense blue, turquoise and ultramarine pillows .


Colonnade Fabrics, Designers Guild

Colonnade Fabrics line consists of a range of elegant velvets and versatile tweeds. Geometric patterns and sophisticated designs suitable for covering armchairs. As these 50’s design sofas in shades of gray. Balance and harmony of many different materials used in this project thanks to neutral colors, leaving textures to decorate space.


Colonnade Fabrics, Designers Guild

A strong damask decor can characterize a neutral environment without weighing it down. Being protagonist of the space without dominating the scene.


Couture Rose Fabrics, Designers Guild

Couture Rose Fabrics  is the floral line for excellence: bright colors make any room a burst of spring. Roses, lilies, orchids, irises and poppies printed on cotton and lightweight linen.

Couture Rose Fabrics, Designers Guild

A breath of fresh air, almost a scent. Perfect for curtains, blinds, tapestries, floral pillows and blankets.


Couture Rose Fabrics, Designers Guild

An elegant textured in gray scale. Light and allowed to ride on the floor as current trend in terms of hem.


Couture Rose Fabrics, Designers Guild

Natural color, like the wildflowers. Furnishings sober and rustic are a perfect combination for Rose Couture Fabrics.


Marquisette Fabrics, Designers Guild

Marquisette Fabrics collection is characterized by damasks, leaf embroidery, patterns and stripes. Brilliant silk and blend linen and cotton give an interesting textural contrasts where fabrics thickness, especially for curtains, creates a beautiful play of light and transparency. Soft and light colors for a clean and modern space.


Marquisette Fabrics, Designers Guild

Tricia Guild designer create scenarios and inspirations joining patterns and different materials with elegance and balance. On her Pinterest profile you will find many mood-board that will help you in fabric choice for your home.

On Designers Guild site you will also find: wallpapers, furnishings, home accessories and an eco-friendly line of paints.

A 360 ° proposal to decorate of your own home.

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