Vita by Francesca Abate at Palazzo Biscari

At Palazzo Biscari, sumptuous Baroque residence, show her first Collection Francesca Abate, a promising young Catania’s world fashion.


A dream come true in a unique and surreal setting “Vita” as the name of her clothes collection, masterpieces she designed that parade to the amazement, admiration and applause of guests.

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Wedding sophisticated and refined dresses, entirely handmade with capability, high quality fabrics, transparency, Swarovski, ruffles and bows characterize Abate’s style.


Short or long or pants she presents an elegant woman, with class, ​​austere enough, uninhibited with transparency, that give a lot of mystery and malice.
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We’re just beginning, Francesca will be successful in fashion giving us more satisfaction.

To know her better I leave this interview done a few days before the show ….

ManueLita : Who is Francesca Abate ?


Francesca : This is the question I always put me in enormous difficulties. Responding without so much thinking I say that Francesca is a big dreamer but has always lived a real life. She has always dreamed of be a designer, but she use different way with patience hoping to one day succeed.20150606_081510000_iOS
ManueLita : When did you discover your passion for fashion?

Francesca : Some things cannot find out, you have into yourself and trying to get out anyway. The other girls dreamed of making models to wear clothes, I dreamed to design them.


ManueLita : Do you remember the first dress you designed?

Francesca : Exactly the first no, but I have a notebook full of sketches from elementary school period. The first dress I designed and then realized it was for my 18 years, just 10 years ago.

ManueLita : What inspired your collection ?

Francesca : During a car trip going to work, in my mind, appeared images of what I loved in my life. My mom, the time spent to try her jewelry, mirroring myself and improvising outfits with sheets or tissue found around the house, then my growth, things I like, glitter, beauty.

ManueLita :What would you like the public understand or and from your collection ?

Francesca :The sense of beauty and elegance and my refined and dreamy taste.

ManueLita : Soon you show the first exhibition at the Palazzo Biscari ….

Tell us how you feel about a week before the big event?


Francesca : Agitated and full of emotion, I cannot wait to enjoy that moment but sometimes I would this week to pass as slowly as possible!

ManueLita : What does it mean personally conceive and organize a “dream” in minute detail ?

Francesca : A great effort, fatigue, but enormous satisfaction even if things don’t go exactly as I hope, because I do my best and from nothing I had the courage to create something.

ManueLita : Some “indiscretion” of this event ?

Francesca : There will be an opening show that will leave you speechless!

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"Nata a Catania nel 1976...cresco con il calore e la passione per la mia terra..valori che porterò sempre con me anche adesso che vivo al nord..Adoro viaggiare..ogni giorno un posto nuovo da conoscere ..Solare,testarda eterna sognatrice resto vieni a scoprirlo nel mio piccolo mio fashion blog personale Unconventional Secrets..."



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