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Today, after reading another article on “magnanimity” of Italian Tax Authority towards the major debtors, I thought to examin this concept to understand only if I’m wrong or if there’s really something wrong.

Start from a definition:

FISCO = Indicates the State in its financial activity and in particular in its relations with taxpayers (

FISCO = Financial Administration of the State (

FISCO = Public treasury; the financial administration of State (

Someone maybe read “FateBeneFratelli? Certainly no…

Now that we understand a little better (maybe) what it is, we come to the main point of the matter: Google.

I ‘ve nothing against, but this morning Google is on first pages of various newspapers for maxi-agreement about not paid taxes to Italy.

I quote  La Repubblica:

The agreement concerns the tax position of the Mountain View giant for 2008-2013 years. The Web giant’s intention to reduce the dispute with the Italian tax authorities, a policy of “detente”. No official confirmation, however, by the Guardia di Finanza and the prosecutor in Milan.

And La Stampa:

A check for 320 million euro. From Google to the Italian tax authorities. Financial Police and Prosecutor notconfirm, but according to reports from “Corriere della Sera” the Mountain View giant would find an agreement to end the litigation tax advantages it has enjoyed in our country thanks to a regulatory gap.

In fact it isn’t clear if this treaty was already signed or if it’s being defined, but what makes you think it’s … the amount of 320 million Euros compared to 800 million Euro contested.

A discount of all respect … because our Fisco is always very GENEROUS when dealing with considerable number of money.

But Google is just the latest in list, a list full of big names from sports, entertainment, finance… beacuse when it talks about 6 zeros everything changes.

Instead when is only “small change” National Equitalia starts immediatly sending tax bills everywhere demanding every penny (interest included) because otherwise has the power to implement initiatives highly unpleasant as the catch estimate, the seizure of movable and immovable property, the sale of the fifth, etc…

If you think about, it would be ridiculous do these procedures against Google … you imagine the headline on the front pages of the newspapers:

“Seized property for 800 million Euros to the Giant of Mountain View for debts with Italian tax authorities”


“Google: current accounts blocked for maxi-seizure by the Italian tax authorities”

Who would buy the papers then…

#FiscoSuMisura #ItalianiFortunati

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