Dreaming with Ferrovivo


I think now it is clear that I LOVE creativity in all its forms … so today I present you  Ferrovivo!

In this case I thanked Facebook for its “suggestions” 🙂

With iron you can realize so many ideas and it isn’t certainly the first time I see works of a blacksmith or objects of wrought iron, but the elegance and harmony of Ferrovivo creations shock me.

Consider for example hangers … I personally find them in many situation a little unsightly: Are they more beautiful empty or hidden?

I can say that you’ll almost never use them because they’re too beautiful to cover.


Or we can speak of heads for bed: simply f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.

In the past I saw a lot, some nice some not, but until now I haven’t desire one for my room because usually it isn’t a type that I like.

But …

They realize many different solutions and products: from libraries, to shelves, frames for mirrors or windows, to knobs and miscellaneous parts.

Ferrovivo also manufactures customized projects and shows us some idea in a specific section of the website.
What do you think about?

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