Ferrara – City tour

Vista di Ferrara

Oh yes … you couldn’t miss a nice city tour with these sunny days: against all weather forecasts the temperatures were mild thanks to the sun.

I don’t want to tell usual things … museums, churches, the story… I leave them to travel guides, I prefer to take you on a walk.

  • Castello Estense: worth to visit it, but also to observe from the outside … above all in the autumn / before-Christmas there are nice stalls in the square opposite the entrance where you can find books (used or new), gluttony or handicrafts.castello-estense
  • Corso Porta Reno: on the right, under the tower, there’s a small space dedicated to the memory of the fallen (free entry) which I found very impressive … almost all photos you can see suggests more a yearbook that a war report, therefore, were inspiration for a reflection.


  • Outlet of household: (must) where you can find everything and where I’ve never output without purchasing 🙂 because it’s impossible not to find something useful.
  • St. Paul’s Church: in the adjacent cloister is held annually a market to raise money for some charity projects in Brazil. Here we found very antique (used) and local crafts, for fans is beautiful.

Locandine mercatinoProgetti Brazil

  • Lunch: if you’re hungry prefer some typical take-away proposal instead of a traditional lunch at the restaurant. An endless and cheap choice, confirm that it was a great idea.
  • Gluttony: at Cafè del Corso for a coffee with a cake slice… delicious … 🙂

  • San Romano / Mazzini Street: the prettiest streets of the city (for me) where doing shopping. They are smallbut very impressive and full of charm.
  • Do you like Starbucks? Then you MUST go to Itit … Coffee, muffins and delicious colorful cupcakes for walking or at the table with possibility to sit down to read a book or work on pc.


  • Piazza Ariostea: ideal for a walk, jogging, to read a book … and if you’re there on aperitif time go to Ludovico.

  • Peperosa: shabby chic little place in San Romano Street really nice. Aperitif with all kinds of speciality: from baked pumpkin, to omelette to vegetables shells with also dinner option. I’ll tell you soon the rest in another article.


  • Sebastian Pub: I conclude with this little place for an after dinner, very impressive because it’s located inside a boat moored along the dock.

I just have to tell you HAVE A GOOD TRIP!

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