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Ready, go!!

Here is the last test we did with  Desideri Magazine for Fairy with special guest Chiara Maci.

When we talk about aspects of everyday life such as house cleaning, dishwasher and washing machine tips and news are always welcome 🙂

SSurely almost everyone know Fairy and today we’ll tell you specifically experience with dishwasher detergent Fairy Platinum.


This new product takes care of both of our dishes (degreasing and cleaning them in depth without pretreat) and our dishwashers (those removing grease and dirt that are deposited with use).

To become more attractive this experience we have  Chiara Maci who, with  #fairylovestheimpossible challenge, delights us with some of her recipes to friends and family and then invite us to test the strength degreaser Fairy Platinum.


Compared to other formats or brands we tested the capsule never leaves residue after washing, and melts in 100% of cases.

Even the degreasing and descaling is remarkable, however, do not expect miracles … if you leave dirty dishes too long it’s normal that you clean them with difficulty.

It ‘still a detergent, not a magic wand 😉

To you all judgment.

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