From Selfie to Plastic Surgery


Normally …. I said “in my day”!

Photos were used to retain a memory: marriage, birth, love, anniversaries … and were used as décor at home. But they were foto-albumalso album, always work in progress, for the birth of a child to mark dates, growth, the first tooth, the kindergarten, the school, and so on. Today, however, camera is almost disappeared, it’s only for professional photographers… because everyone do a SELFIE, growing phenomenon today. But also dangerous.


Foods at restaurant, to landscapes, from dogs to friends during a happy evening, is the photograph themselves addictive, many people cannot give up to photo wherever they go and in whatever activities are engaged. What’s even more worrying is that Selfie often become the reason to use plastic surgeon. According to a recent study by the Sicpre, Italian Society of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, unsatisfaction is due to a “not good” Selfie.

In 83% of cases the so-called “Selfie patient” is a woman unsatisfied and insecure, uncomfortable with their nose and lines and wrinkles.monalisa-selfie

The most represented age group (39% of requests) is 18-25 years, followed (28% of requests) from 26-35 and (still 28% of requests) from 36-45. Main request are filler infiltration (58% of requests), rhinoplasty (53%) and treatment with botulinum toxin (44%). Following surgery for breast (33%), to correct the eyelids (28%), liposuction (17%) and the minilifting (3%).

All theese mentioned are “aesthetic” helps for patients to get back in shape, as the Prof. MARIO DINI , both physical and mental in a short time. However are all surgeries with implications in terms of surgical technique, anesthesia, of early and late complications, recovery time, psychological facets often underestimated.

When you decide to use an aesthetic plastic surgery is essential that between patient and surgeon will establish a relationship of empathy and trust. Indispensable and preliminary interview during which we proceed to a detailed collection of medical history (previous interventions, any allergies to medications, presence of disease) and then switch to a visit, with special attention to the defect to be corrected or improved.

Puzzle faceIt s’important, once had basic informations, a schedule of the same: to explain the benefits but also disadvantages, the location of scars and their possible evolution. Always remember to patients that we are plastic surgeons with scalpels, not “Merlini magicians with magic wand.”

Don’t forget even psychological sphere: the change is radical and forever. There’s no turning back. You cannot remove and replace at will! The image that will be considered by a Selfie ironically, as a game. In some cases, therefore, a chat with the psychologist helps to understand and weigh the best choice that you want to undertake.

Visit a surgeon with photos of famous actresses and showgirls demanding the same result is useless. You don’t do “miracles”: for those you must call other people in other locations.

Each of us has a particular physic with many biochemical and biophysical reaction to any kind of “insult”, different from the others so the course of action and final aesthetic result also depend on this as well that the technique and skill of the surgeon.

Dr. Mario Dini  Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Specialist


FIRENZE – Dr. Mario Dini – Via Lamarmora, 29 – Firenze, FI 50121 Tel: 055 570797

MILANO – Dr. Mario Dini – Viale Luigi Majno, 3 Milano, MI 20122  Tel 02 21118715

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