Disney-Selfie on Instagram

Always looking for interesting and particular things we found some illustrations by Simona Bonafini and we love them.

We present Simona through our interview, you love she too!

But first the latest work for her collection

How did you have the idea of illustrating Disney tales characters with Selfie?

The idea came from watching trend of Instagram Selfie everywhere … in particular, those with reflection in the mirror made ​​me think of Evil Queen from Snow White. Then the step was short, how could the Tales be if they have had Instagram? I thought it was a fun way to tell the stories themselves, thanks to the illustration of “snapshots” that reflect the features of the character and possible interactions with other through tags, comments and hashtags.

Images and art are also a way of communication, what would you like to tell us through your work?

I would like to transmit smiles and incite imagination … Most of my works are inspired by existing stories (fairy tales, Game of Thrones, The Great Gatsby …) because ever since I was little I love reading stories, so I like to represent what I see in the stories. I’d give “my interpretation”, my imagination.

Describe your work with five adjectives:

Damn, this is difficult! I’m not good with words, above all in 5 adjectives! But I try ….



– “Eclectic” (as between comics and graphic style)


– “Hybrid” (again, I couldn’t define it in one word… I consider my work both traditional and digital because I can draw with pencil or create digital picture to color)

On average, how much time elapses between the idea and the realization of your illustrations?

We’re talking about illustrations that usually I do in my “free time” (those that I do for work are more related to the business world)

Much depends on the pressure of the working period!

Normally, when I have a new idea I do a few sketches but and then restart the work some time later, to see with “new eyes” and see if my think works or not. Then there is the entire process of creation: first complete the pencil picture and then digitized the whole thing to fix it and color with Photoshop. It’s difficult to do all in a single moment, so this process is often divided into several days and I cannot define them exactly.

Have you ever thought to extend the idea of Selfie Fables to other famous cartoon?

Sure … I saw that people love my work so this makes me think to continue!

I already think about new illustrations (and also have some under construction)… while for others I’ve only ideas, but I need time to clearly and define what I want to put in the picture and which comments.

The strangest job you’ve had to do:

One even from the world of Fables … a girl contacted me on FB to do some illustrations for her wedding: 20-pictures and caricatures with her future husband as Disney characters. All very very nice: Jasmine and the Genie, Captain Hook and Wendy, Alice and the Cheshire Cat. I had great fun 🙂

More than work, we would like to know even a little about yourself: Tell us something about Simona Bonafini…

What a question 🙂

I’m 26 years old (born 1988) and come from Brescia but currently based in Milan. I graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico in Milan.Since two years I worked as freelance realizing graphics and especially illustrations. My dream has always been to live drawing … and even if the original idea was to do comics, but without results, now I say that I’m enough satisfied 🙂

I love reading all covers of books, sushi and (incredible) Milan.

I hate the rain and when TV series are broken 😀

Follow her and enjoy yourself!

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