Cordini Rita by Ilaria Ricci now in China

Cleopatra Winter bag

Cordini Rita by Ilaria Ricci, a young brand of fun and colorful bags created by Ilaria Ricci, young fashion designer, made of ideas and techniques, materials and research, tissue and Swarovsky, glittering metal details, bamboo, liners, but, mainly, made in Italy and handmadeOUR handmade. A particular attention to details which controls the creative, cure the look in every detail reserving attention to accessories, “main actors”, to give each outfit more customization. A fashion trend that promote a sophisticated and radiant look so every woman become an interpreter and the absolute protagonist of herself, in all forms.  CLEOPATRA BAG

This Brand of bags made in Italy, born in Volpara (PV), expanded its retail with a careful marketing project to China: the majority of Italian companies are generating higher profits in China than in the rest of the world, as in food, wine, fashion, health, clean technologies (water, solid waste, renewable energy, etc.) and infrastructure for mobility, as well as wholesale represent segments with highest growth rates.

The young designer, already in trendy boutiques of the major Italian cities, is preparing to meet one of the most vibrant markets in the world, that of the country of the Rising Sun, which speaks of a segment with half billion consumers.

People who are the basis of steady growth in domestic consumption, with the growth of the purchasing power of the middle class. The event is called China Showroom Tour and will be held by April 8th to June 8th in the three Chinese cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. A distribution platform created to develop “Made in Italy” product on the Chinese market.  Exhibition is created by Topbuyer, a real tour in this showrooms where we will present the Fall / Winter 2015/16 to Chinese buyers and media.

LA BUSTINA BAG Cordini Rita by Ilaria Ricci is present with two models: Bustina Bag and Cleopatra Bag, careful design in green philosophy. Light bags almost as butterflies, brocades and fabrics, vaguely vintage, silk and lurex, light points in Svarowsky, a palette with blue, silver and fucsia with a little bit of black.

For some models, such as Cleopatra Bag, bamboo handles vaguely remenber the famous Gucci bag.

Furs used are absolutely eco, as emphasized by the designers: there’s a meticulous attention to detail in each piece so they’re handmade numbered and certified in models.

The common feature of all young (but splendid) collection creations is definitely the union of high fashion fabric and handmade yarn, the skilled hand of a craftsmanship, a kind of return to the past and older techniques no longer used that give great value to the final product.



You can find Cordini Rita by Ilaria Ricci Collection in these Stores:

MILANO – Les Crilles Boutique in Via San Giovanni sul Muro 17, metro Cairoli-Castello
BERGAMO – Sybilla Trend Boutique in Via XXIV Maggio 60/62
LUCCASilvia Cosci Shop in Via Vittorio Veneto 64
SIENACento per Cento Camicie Boutique in Via Camollia 82
STRADELLAArteblu boutique in Via Trento 84
STRADELLA – Exhibition at Boutique Oro Blu in via XXVI Aprile 75
ALCAMO Fram La Plume – Via Pietro Longo 1

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