From Budapest with Love & Budget


Thanks to after-Christmas offers we decided to spent a short holiday in an Eastern city: Budapest.

Few days of relax and break from everyday life despite of temperatures below zero we found, even if it was bland compared to the average value for the period.


We departed from Bergamo using ParkinGo as car service, the cheapest and most convenient solution because airport parking is really expensive.

Four days of rest and new tax (imposed for airport transit) we spent € 24, with excellent service and quick and effective communication.


We flew with Ryanair, with a direct flight offer, which often allows you to find attractive prices compared to other low cost airlines.

As read in many blogs and forums, get from the airport to the city center by public transport is very simple and with a transfer ticket (or two one way) you travel with a few euro: 200E bus outside the airport to Kobánya- Kispest terminus of blue line and subway to get downtown in about 20 minutes.

On we found a room with private bathroom in a nice apartment (Ho-Bi Room and Apartment) Andrássy útca area, 100 meters from Opera Metro Station and 200 meters from Oktogon.

Joe, the owner, was very friendly and helpful and for a short stay in Budapest I recommend him, good quality for a right price: 3 nights in a double room with large private bathroom and shared kitchen / living room for 84 €.

This holiday, although cold and wind, was pleasant and funny. We mostly walked around the city (in 15/20 minutes you can reach all major places of interest) except for the scenic ride on historic underground line along Danube until Parliament.

I’m now collecting and organize some photos, so monuments or places we seen you’ll see in a next post, even “super” Pinball Museum 🙂

I would give you some rating about this trip:

Korhely Faloda (Liszt Ferenc tér 7) – VOTE 8Korhely

Here we ate a really amazing mixed goulash, a taste of different types: venison, lamb, chicken and pork. Mojito S-u-p-e-r and very good starter. Prices a little higher than other but absolutely justified, about 13,900 forints including service (about 44 €).

Kurtőskalács  (metro entrance Deák Ferenc tér) – VOTE 9kurtoskalacs

I love them! I saw a lady in metro station that gave them to his son and I was intrigued. They’re prepared by hand and soon baked in cinnamon-vanilla-chocolate-coconut-hazelnut flavor. So cheap price of 270 forints each one (about € 0.85).

Buda Hill Funicular – VOTE 6,5funicular

Short interesting experience: panoramic view from cable car is very beautiful, to try at least once. Both wagon where very nice, retro style. Unfortunately for higher price for a one-way ride 1,200 forints per person (approximately 3.8 €) we given a lower rating.

Làngos – VOTE 7langos

Similar “frittella” taste 🙂 fried and then stuff with many ingredients, as you want. Traditional version in Hungary is only with wire cheese and sour cream, for 900 forints (about 3 €).

Central Market Hall – VOTE 7Central-market

Discovered by accident during the tour in old tram, we went back to see it. Seems to be just for tourists but nice to spend a few hours and have lunch. On the ground floor are meat, vegetables and spices while upstairs is divided between street food and souvenir stalls.

Here we ate a goulash in bread and a hot dog that we’ll remember forever for tasty (even for the price :)). Goulash with purple cabbage and spicy sauce, giant hot dog, salad with tzatziki and 2 beers for 11,400 forints (about 36 €).

Fatal Etterem (Váci utca 67) VOTE 4fatal_etterem

Good review and recommended by friends so we had dinner here one evening. Stodgy kitchen, oil drenched and not much tasty. Ok for fish, but shin with oil in every bite is quite sickening.
Pans were very dirty and, last but not least bill was high for Budapest prices: 1 small salad as starter, 1 Shin and 1 Fish & Chips, 1 small beer and 1 medium for 14,600 forints (about 47 €).

To be a “deck” tavern with poor quality seems too much…

National Gallery (Buda) VOTE 6,5national-gallery

In a beautiful location and with audio guide even in Italian, National Gallery is surely something to see to understand Hungarian art and history (very close to that of Romania in many cases). Unfortunately there are little modern artwork and so much classical and religious, a bit repetitive.
Contemporary and modern works weren’t available in audio guide and was only possible to view.

Pinball Museum VOTE 9pinball-museum

The funniest thing of Budapest, a relaxing dip in the past. Just out central area you will find more than 100 pinball, almost all with a full record with origin, year, graphics and produced units. Entrance fee is 2,500 forints per person (about 8 €) and there are no limitations of time or play.

Parliament VOTE 7Parlamento-Budapest

We saw it from the outside only by tram. This building is very nice and impressive but many people tell us not see inside because it has nothing special for price you pay. We decided to see it only outside so we realized a video almost 360°.

Iron Statues around the city VOTE 8Le-scarpe-sul-Danubio

Very interesting, each with its own story that makes you think for a moment and pay attention of passers-by; from memorial shoes work on Danube to the girl with dog and ball, to Pal Street boys until Habsburg policeman statue… and many more.

Chain Bridge VOTE 8Ponte-catene

View from Chain Bridge is beautiful and also its architecture is massive and impressive. Connect the Buda side from where you can hop on the funicular. On evening offers a breathtaking lights spectacle also reflected on Danube.

S. Stephen’s Basilica VOTE 7Basilica-Santo-Stefano

Beautiful with many interesting artworks inside, as Black Madonna or crypt with Holy Right Hand of St. Stephen, King of Hungary. Gold colour is prevailing but, instead of other Church, not so opulent.
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