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Last month, for different reasons, I went often to the Cinema and I realized that sometimes it can teach more than many books and be effective interest for people.

For Memorial Day remembering Holocaust, were scheduled in Italy two beautiful films:

Son of Saul  and The Eichmann Show.

The first, unfortunately, wasn’t considered as deserved by major Italian Cinemas and you can saw it in a few small places normally dedicated to special programming and niche.

I found it in Padua, at Multisala Astra and despite a small screen and dated structure I was extremely satisfied.


Shooting, subtitled dialogues, characters… everything has been studied in detail to be more realistic as possible and to ensure that each viewer feels in history, side by side with the main character.

This, of Hungarian director László Nemes, is a really great job that received international recognition at Cannes Film Festival, won a Golden Globe and recieved an Oscar nominee as best foreign film.

And in Italy? We see it in lass than 1000 people… Sadness…

The other film always for the occasion was The Eichmann Show, proposed as extra content in The Space Cinema circuit which currently has the best multiplex in Padua.

A different point of view, difficulty of people to reintegrate into society, distrust of what was being told, a second marginalization , all through the events really happened after Adolf Eichmann’s arrest by Israeli Mossad and the difficult and lengthy process soon after.


Two distinct but equally strong testimonies #NotToForget what we have done, because now seems to be a distant memory.

Change completely with last film… Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight.

As well as he intended, we have seen it in Ultra Panavision 70mm with an Overture of Ennio Morricone.

In Italy there aren’t many equipped Cinemas for 70mm, but Multiplex Arcadia Energy Room in Melzo (MI) is absolute the best.

the hateful height

Fantastic sensory experience, 30 meters slightly curved screen and an advanced Dolby system that will soon improved with new Dolby Atmos processor for a 360 ° experience.


This film takes place for a long time inside a hut, a dark and confined environment, so to have many details and best images Tarantino decided to use a 70mm film instead digital.

He tell us American History from Lincoln, to secession war, racism and black slave trade in an unconventional way.

During Oscar night we will know if Tarantino and Nemes will hit the stature with their original films, but meanwhile I would like to leave you with a suggestion for reading because you never stop to learn something…

Irena Sendler with her book-reportage ‘Life in a jar’ give us her war testimony and her undertaking: she saved more than thousands of children from certain death.


In Milan we stayed at Atahotel Linea Uno Monza Boulevard: excellent quality / price ratio, underground parking and subway entrance in front of it.

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