Versilia, the story of a family connected with sea


Blue sea, sails to the sun, velvet sand, light wind under colorful umbrellas, summer waiting all year; a little part of beach, seeing Pania’s peaks, severe profile of Dormiente, highest top of Apuan Alps, then colors, beach, sea, flags flying, colors shameless, a triumph of fragrances.pesce

This is Viareggio, a very special world, where curtain is called shed and villa is called bajadera, where boys were born and raised in a strip of brackish land, in the bay of Viareggio, with roaring sea and a rhythmic hammer of caulk committed to building the most beautiful boats in the world.

Just those big boats resting magically in the channel, this little groups of fishermen hunched by the time their nets under the irregular flight of seagulls, shrill and cheerful. Acquasalata-piatto2

These boats that have always been the perfect postcard of Viareggio, to behold with joy every day, where boys escape, especially in winter, on desert beach to find pieces of wood come from somewhere, just to dream … a country where people are called “Logali” and they talk together with a sweet sound and chanting … “delafia”… people lives on the sea, long winter evenings marked by strong winds of Libecciate and Tramontano, and far, on the pier, flashing light of the lighthouse that illuminates sailing ships that told escapes and travel, love and adventure novels, sails impressive, fragile as butterflies, stories of sailors, stories of men.

In Viareggio, in center, a fresco by Annigoni welcomes you, made of shrimp, mullet, crab spider, scorpion fish and hens, is the sea wriggling, live, and the dept salt, where all of them are born and grow, is now Acquasalata Restaurant, the story of a family, people absolutely normal, but not trivial, full of passion for their land.

Viareggio, Versilia, a great culture and cooking talent, sails, dreams with sea, a life organized by waves movement, relentless, sweet, repeated, timeless. A family that meets, at the same table, his mother Giovanna, a great cook, the brigade formed by his daughter Laura, who is also cook, the daughter Paola and his son Davide in reception, the chef Michel Marcucci, the maitre Menichini Luigi.Acquasalata

The helm of the family is Giovanna, great woman and a great cook, unique, faithful to flavors and products of her Versilia, freshly caught fish, which every day brings to life the poetry of fish along the coast, activities and noble proud of a past not too far away.

This sea, as claimed by the great writer / sailor Joseph Conrad, is an experience that challenges all senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch … for David and for Viareggio is inserted also Conradian taste assumption: a boy growing up on the sea, sea lover so much to became a fisherman, born and raised in a strip of land between blue Versilia’s sea ​​ and the hardness of Apuan Alps, the smell of salt mixed to Libeccio.

Guys at the end of Summer finally regain their element, the sea, to come out with the “pattino” equipped for fishing, throw nets at sunset and go and pick up at first light, full of fish, wriggling, live, in blue depths, seagulls, with light on the water, under a winter sky of rain, to repeat endlessly the story of an intense relationship between man and sea, always between expectations and meetings.

Stories, smells, tastes indelible, now Giovanna proposes: great talent, raw materials and desire to promote local products, in her kitchen:

success of a not-obvious talent, paradigm of simple cooking, daughter of memory, products protagonists, marked by elegant inventiveness.

risottoA fantastic cuisine in which Acquasalata is a masterchef, classic base with little genius surprise for unexpected flavors: Viareggio octopus with potatoes, spaghetti with Paraculo, tiny newborn baby octopus, crude anchovies just fished with fresh onion, peppered mussels, risotto with scampi, spaghetti trabaccolara, inimitable frying fish of Paranza, unusual eyes and horse mackerel, wrongly considered “poor fish”, homemade pasta , cakes, true emotions, from recipes to home, preserved, and handed down strictly secret.

And then a large wine cellar, which is David place, sommelier, with a love for Giulio Ferrari Reserve of Founder, of which I have a vertical enviable 1979-2002sommelier

This Restaurant is the proof of how the kitchen, played with fantasy, can transform standard dishes in emotions and that the kitchen itself, like art, is the culture of people and as a talent manifests autonomy, not only on Guides or printing industry, sometimes penalizing.

A passion, in Viareggio, between boats in the harbor, a green Pineta and then open sea and boundless, local recipes for a mix of feelings, school of life and atmosphere, a philosophy of life forged by family, a talent for transforming traditional flavors in new and voluptuous emotions.



Ristorante Acquasalata

Via Antonio Fratti 62/66
55049 Viareggio (Lu)
Tel. 0584 581991


Press: Cristina Vannuzzi Landini

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