Wedding Dress 2.0


Wedding dress is a key aspect in every wedding organization… perhaps the most important … therefore it must be chosen wisely:

Every woman should feel good and beautiful with her dress.

Abito-StefyIt’s also very important the budget, which very often don’t match to our ideas for that day.

Find the perfect dress with a tight budget is a big challenge, but thanks to My Wedding Boutique certainly you will win it!

My Wedding Boutique is an online store of wedding dresses that also realize custom clothes through a trusted tailor, a convenient service with excellent quality.

For simplicity I show you advantages and disadvantages in buying a wedding dress online:


  1. Surely an extremely competitive price

  2. 100% Customization and chance of having a bespoke suit

  3. delivery / realization much shorter, so it’s perfect even for last minute organization

  4. quality / price: you can choose a better quality dress with the same budget with you could buy in an Atelier


  1. You can’t try the dress before you receive it

  2. You might need a dressmaker for some readjust before the wedding

  3. Color may not be the same of the photo / image you saw

  4. Model you have chosen might disappoint because it stands out your physique

  5. In choosing you can’t touch the fabrics to understand their quality

So… with some forethought, you can still get an excellent solution …

Alessandra, My Wedding Boutique’s co-founder with Elisa, is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, let the bride free to choice but recommends her in everything from details to the best fit.

Passion and dedication are obvious aspects that come from their personal experience developed between London and our beautiful country.

Maximum flexibility and expertise in responses (email on email with questions, doubts, ideas … :)) for a great and satisfactory result.

I think the best thing for every bride is thinking about their expectations and understand if they correspond to reality, so there’s no better way than to try some clothes to get an idea of ​​models, sizes, fabrics …abito-California2

Then you have a starting point to think about, rework all information (really many) that are provided and you will reach a conclusion:

I thoroughly considered all advantages and disadvantages?

I can accept some compromise?

I can give up the fitting of?

If the answer is YES you found the perfect solution…


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