Starts again more beautiful than ever a historical place in Florence, with a new name, Officina Ferrucci, with Moreno Baccello and her daughter Giulia, between Ferrucci Square and Giampaolo Orsini Street, from a busy street, to a green square with a dehor and a patio, wonderful in Spring or Summer, to avoid traffic.

Warm wenge color of wood and a huge crystal chandelier emphasizes its new life, cheerful, fun, exciting … a huge counter, pastries and homemade cakes, one of refurbished rooms which will host cultural events , burraco tournaments, exhibitions, tastings of Tuscan wineries, aperitifs and live music.


This place closed in the last two years, has also a bistrò and a day restaurant, fast lunch for workers in a focal point of Florence life, where speed doesn’t mean no gourmet.

Considering its multiple aspects we understand that is in a special category, difficult for a normal judge, beacuse of its excellent hospitality quality.

Officina-Ferrucci-inaugurazioneBy all investigations we see that quality it’s one of the main factor of “customers loyalty”, in addition to culinary delights and expert techniques of chef… immediately after the first impression we observe staff kindness and professionalism.

In winter it looks like a bar with pastry shop, restaurant for the day, private, charming, glamorous, soft light and soft music, with perfect bien être, Tuscan cuisine, play of textures, alternating flavors and perfect gastronomic presentation of chef Jacopo, thewith a very well built cellar with Tuscan wines.

Summer here is alive, vibrant, made by a thousand colors stolen from nearby Michelangelo avenue, where you will experience countryside scents, green in all its facets and nuances, you live your break under the gazebo, thousand Candles, an oasis:


Today Michelangelo avenue would be a modern ecological gardening example for different tree species used on avenue route, such as oaks, hackberry, cypress, locust, Lebanon cedar, ginko biloba, evergreen bushes rimming as rate, laurel and laurustine and some specimens of Sophora japonica, all to draw a unique landscape of great beauty, a step away from the city, but thousands miles away to live a glamorous novel, if only for one night …


Officina Ferrucci Bar Pasticceria  

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Piazza Ferrucci/ Via Giampaolo Orsini, 125, Firenze

Telefono:055 687788

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